Pack your Pikles- Winter Sports Edition

I know you have all been there. Out on the slopes, shredding some gnarly pow, when all of a sudden, LEG CRAMP!!! You have no pain killers, no money to buy some pain killers from the handy little store, NOTHING! Luckily, I’ve solved your Winter Sports problems in a single Pikle! From goggles to fogging up on a ride, or just finding a safe and secure (and waterproof!) place to store all your stuff! Skiing, Snowboarding, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, ice fishing, winter camping, etc., this pikle will have you covered!


Whats in this Pikle (Featured: Dill Pikle in Lime Circles)

  • Tissues
  • In A Pikle First Aid Kit (Bandaids, Sting Relief pads, burn gel, triple antibiotic ointment)
  • Money (Cash for snacks, credit card for ticket)
  • Business Cards (You never know who you’re going to meet!)
  • Hand Warmers
  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes
  • Pill Box (with pain killers and allergy medicine)
  • Pikle Pen and Notepad
  • Lens Cleaning Wipes
  • Lotion Samples
  • Chap Stick
  • Hand Sanitizer

Don’t want to carry this stuff in your Pikle? Here are some more options!

  • Face Balm (like chap stick for your face, for those windy days!)
  • Swiss Army Knife (you never know!)
  • Matches
  • Mirror/Floss Combo
  • Ski/Board wax
  • Anti-Fog wipes
  • (for your goggles/sunglasses)
  • Mountain Map
  • Phone
  • Headphones
  • Snacks
  • Water infusers (Like Crystal Light, or Mio)

I hope you enjoyed our FIRST Pack Your Pikle post! What do you think of our Winter Sports Pikle? What would YOU put in a Winter pikle? I’d love to see your comments below!

No comments? Well, pack up your Pikle and go shred some pow! Be sure to post pictures on my Facebook Page for the “Pikles in Action” album! Be sure to “subscribe” to my YouTube channel too, so you don’t miss any videos!


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