How To: Best Pack a Suitcase!

Ok all, it’s travel season! There are a ton of posts on Facebook and Pinterest about “THE BEST WAYS TO PACK A SUITCASE!”, and there are SO many different ways to pack them! This post explores the different ways, and will truly reveal the best way to pack your suitcase and still have it organized! Check out the video below, or continue reading! Or, better yet, do both!!

I packed 2 weeks of clothes in 1 carry on bag. This consisted of 5 pairs of pants, 5 tops, 2 under shirts, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 dress, 2 belts, 2 scarves, 16 pairs of underwear (one for each day travelling and 2 extra), 17 pairs of socks, 6 bras, my jewelry and toiletry bag, hair straightener/curler, and my Pikle. My undergarments aren’t pictured or in video, but they’re in there!

Lots to pack! Remember, clothes can be re-worn or washed to save space in your suitcase!

1st up- How I usually pack my suitcase! I usually roll up my clothes and put them in gallon size Ziplock bags, then squeeze the air out to pack! You can also use Packing Cubes or special bags made just for packing. This is my go to method, because it saves space AND protects your clothing!

Rolled up into bags!

The 2nd method I found on Pinterest, and I call it the “Fold Flat Method”. I can see how this method would be useful for travelling for business, because it seems like it wouldn’t wrinkle your clothes as bad. However, I had to sit on my suitcase to get it to all fit in there!

The 3rd method is straight up rolling in a specified sequence (also found this one on Pinterest). Put your footwear and other heavy stuff in the bottom of your suitcase, towards the wheelbase. Next, roll up your shirts and other tops for your foundation. Then, tightly roll up pants, dresses, and skirts. On top of that, roll up thick jackets and sweaters. On top of that, lay your crushable items such as bras or a voluminous dress. Stash your toiletry items and jewelry in the compartments, and any swimwear, scarves, belts, and underwear anywhere else you can squeeze them!

Burrito Style!

Overall, which method did I think was the best? Overall I liked all the methods about the same, they all had their pro’s and con’s, and all took up about the same amount of space. So, it comes down to your personal preference!

Pointers for packing:

  • Roll up your underwear! Just shoving them in the suitcase does nothing for you space-wise. Also remember to stack your bras ladies, you don’t want any deformation! I’m going to buy myself one of THESE, how cute and handy!
  • Get a jewelry organizer, or press your jewelry in press-n-seal wrap to prevent tangling.
  • Wear your bulkiest items, but make sure they’re nice to travel in! Comfortable bulky shoes (I usually wear my most comfortable heels so they’re easy to take off during security), a jacket, and even a scarf!
  • Keep your toiletries TSA approved! Remember we are packing in a carry on suitcase, so all of your items have to follow the TSA Guidelines!
  • I like to pack my carry on size of suitcase, because then I can volunteer for FREE gate check! Gate check is awesome, most the time they check it all the way to your destination, it’s FREE, and you don’t have to carry it all around the airport with you!

So that’s this weeks post! Tune in next week to see how to best pack your Carry On for your trip! How do YOU usually pack your suitcase? Any pointers? What is your MUST HAVE item when you travel? I’d love to see your comments below!


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