Say “I Love You” with some great Specials!

Hey everyone! Valentines Day is coming up quick! Valentines aren’t just for significant others, but they’re also for friends, parents, co-workers, etc.! To celebrate, T&O is having some amazing specials!! From January 16th to February 16th, shop with T&O and get some AMAZING deals! Check it out-

 For your significant other:

Treat your SO to a lovely cuppa of tea! Great gift for men and women alike! With this sale price, it’s almost impossible to refuse! Want the mug customized? No problem! For just $2 more we can customize the mug however you like!

Personal Tea pot, red mug, and 50 g of tea $28 $22











For your BFF:

You and your BFF have a ton of memories! Laughter, fights and make ups, break ups, road trips, and a ton of great times together! Show your BFF how much you love them with this loose leaf travel kit that makes it so much easier for you to enjoy a cup of tea together when you are on the train, at each others homes, or even on the epic roadtrip you always dreamed of!

Loose Leaf Travel Kit with Infuser $42.50 $38









For your co-worker:

You totally appreciate your co-worker! Show them how much with this tea wallet! The job can be stressful, so help your co-worker out with their own tea wallet! It’s easy for them to stick in their purse, briefcase, or backpack! All they have to do is carry their favorite tea and find some hot water! And at this price it fits in your budget!

Tea Wallet $11.75 $9.50







For your family:

Your mom, dad, and little brother are a mess. But you love them anyway! Help them get organized on Valentines Day with a Pikle for their car, backpack, or office. It’s just a simple way of saying “I Love You”! Use code VDaySpecial to get the discount!

Pikle $30 $25








We hope you enjoy our sales! In order to ensure delivery by Valentines Day, please place orders by February 3rd, but the sale goes through February 16th in case you forgot someone special 😉


XoXo, Jess




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