Behind the Scenes

You know about me, but do you know about our “Behind the Scenes” folks? Let me introduce them to you!


Position: Creative Director

What she does for T&O: Web admin, hosts the T&O website, troubleshooting, designs decals, words of encouragement

Favorite item in the shop: Travel Tea Kit

Favorite post type: Adventure/Travel

Favorite organizational tip: “Keep up on the cleaning. When you use something, put it away”

Hobbies: Scouts, stamping, & tea

Life Motto: “Don’t look back, you aren’t going that way”


Position: Web Admin & (sometimes) Laborer

What he does for T&O: Secondary web development, trouble shoot, weed decals, mail orders

Favorite item in the shop: Custom decals, it’s cool to design your own

Favorite post type: Food/Drink Recipes

Favorite organizational tip: “Teach your dog/kids to put away their own toys”

Hobbies: Gaming, cuddling with Jean & Hazel

Life Motto: “Try forcing an unexpected reboot”


Position: Head Dog

What she does for T&O: Entertainment, appears in cameos in videos, decal inspiration

Favorite item in the shop: The paw print decal, customized with her name on it!

Favorite post type: Dog treat recipes!

Favorite organizational tip: “If you nap all day, nothing gets dirty!”

Hobbies: Walks and naps

Life Motto: “What doesn’t kill you really freaks out your parents”


Position: Security

What she does for T&O: Entertainment, keeps Jean occupied, decal inspiration

Favorite item in the shop: Pikles! We always have one on our walks!

Favorite post type: DIY dog stuff!

Favorite organizational tip: “If you eat all the treats, you don’t have to worry about organizing them!”

Hobbies: Walking, Eating, Barking

Life Motto: “If I can’t roll in it, it ain’t worth havin”


Hello everyone! My name is Jess, and I'm here to help you get organized in a stylish way! Click "Shop", and lets get started!

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