Gone Glamping!

Okay, it’s week 6 of field camp and I’m so excited because we get to go CAMPING!! I’m trying something new this trip. Usually I rough it, just a tent and a sleeping bag, but this time I decided to **Treat Myself** and make this a glamping (Glamorous Camping) trip! Hey, if I’m going to be stuck in school 6 days a week for 9 hours a day in the middle of nowhere you bet I deserve it!

My budget for my glamping trip is $100, and all items must either A) be able to be used camping again, B) been needed or wanting anyway, or C) have a household use, which also means we have to be willing to move it!

Luckily, I’m camping on a field trip for school, so the school supplied the food and even a nice grill! PS- Of course I forgot to take pictures while I was camping, so I re-created it when I set my tent up to dry because it RAINED THE WHOLE TIME.

However- check out my DIY On-A-Budget Glamping!

Outside of the tent:

On the outside of the tent I had a camp chair, a bar-b-que, and a Goal Zero (affiliate), all of which I already owned. Hey, we are glamping, yes that solar panel was necessary! I also made a tent sign using a blank metal sign from Walmart, which everyone LOVED!

I also had a LOT of lights! Wrapped around my tent poles I had fairy lights (affiliate), and on either side of the door zipper on the rain fly I had those $1 solar lights from Walmart!

Total cost for outside: $20

Inside the Rain Fly:

So my rain fly basically acts as a front porch for my tent, which is awesome! Some tents don’t have this luxury. Like I said, inside the rain fly I wrapped fairy lights around the tent poles! I also set up a fun door mat ($5.99 from Walmart). I have never camped with a mat, and it was the best! From now on, a mat is a must for all camping! It was so nice to have somewhere to put my shoes! The tote that I packed all my stuff in acted as a makeshift table! To pretty it up a bit I just put a fun beach towel over it! It not only acted as waterproof storage, but acted as a nice place to make a cup of tea!

Total cost for porch: $5.99

Inside the Tent:

This is the MOST important part of the Glamping experience! First you’ll need an air mattress (affiliate). No rocks up the back for you princess! You also can’t just sleep in a sleeping bag. That is camping, and we are glamping! It was super nice weather so I just had a small blanket from home! Pillows are also a must, the more the better! I brought two satin pillow cases (affiliate), then used heat transfer vinyl to make my Happy Camper pillow! I also bought a gear organizer (affiliate), which I usually hang up outside to help dry my clothes!

Total cost for inside: $25.91

Other Touches I Had:

In glamping, it’s all about the little comforts. My #1 comfort was, of course, a tea pot (affiliate)! I also took my Loose Leaf Tea Organizer and my favorite teas and matcha from Copper City Tea. Of course, a favorite book can go a long ways too! We were in a BEAUTIFUL part of the country with amazing geology, so of course I had my roadside geology book! Coby also lent me his tablet, so when it was raining we were able to sit in the tent and watch movies! It was a ton of fun!

TOTAL COST OF DIY GLAMPING: $51.90, under budget! 

Other Touches to Consider:

  • Gorgeous camp cups (affiliate)- I LOVE these!! So pretty!
  • Shatterproof Drink ware (affiliate)- Because wine glasses are breakable guys!
  • Chandelier with battery operated candles (affiliate)- Seriously, you deserve it!
  • Eye masks (affiliate)- When you stay up around the campfire all night, it’s not fun when the sun comes up at 5 am!
  • Slipper socks (affiliate)- Warm feet are essential when camping, trust me.


Finally- FOOD!!

Check out these links to see some of my favorite glamping recipes! These bloggers are so creative!

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Breakfast Burritos – Campfire Style

PS- Thanks to my mom who let me borrow a lot of fancy camping stuff!

What are your favorite camping tips and tricks? I’d love to hear them! Or even better, share some pics on my Facebook page!

This post contains affiliate links, but is not sponsored. All products linked to are based on my own purchases and opinions. 





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