September Specials- Back 2 School!

It’s back to school time, which is our FAVORITE time of year here at T&O! People are accessorizing, decorating, being productive, and ORGANIZING their cars, lockers, and backpacks! We have put together some AWESOME bundles for you guys this month! These bundles are aimed towards students, but will work well as gifts for yourself, or your students, co-workers, children, teachers, or anyone else in your life!

Back to School Bundles:

Bundle #1– Laptop name decal, inspirational quote decal, monogram keychain!

  • Tired of your laptop getting mistaken for your roommates? Solve the problem and show off some personality with your name or nickname on your laptop! At 7″ long it is sure to make a statement!
  • Choose from FOUR inspirational quotes! Stick in your locker, on your mirror, or on your wall! Made with temporary vinyl so it is easy to remove!
  • Let’s be real, a LOT of people have the same baackpack! Make sure you know which is yours with a monogram keychain! Choose your color!

Bundle #2– 3 small monogram decals, small laptop decal (quote or name), Home decal

  • Tired of your roommate stealing your phone charger? Need to subtly remember which locker is yours? No fear! These small monograms are perfect for anything, and you get THREE! Choose your color!
  • Want a smaller decal for your laptop? Ready to show off your amazing personality? Choose one of three inspirational quotes or your name!
  • Home Decal: With your home state as the O, with a heart in it! This decal is the perfect size for cars, laptops, headboards, skateboards, lockers, etc!

Bundle #3- Back to School Survival Kit

  • Don’t tell anyone, but this is the bundle I’m most excited about! Pick a pikle (organizational bag) of your choice, and I will pre-pack it with a ton of great items for when you’re “in a pickle”! It also comes with a fun monogram keychain and tassel to match the Pikle!
  • Pikles are perfect for glove boxes, lockers, backpacks, gym bags, etc!



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