Home Command Center – January ’18 DIY

It’s the new year, which means it’s time to get your home organized! The greatest ~Pinspiration~ I’ve found are home command centers! I love these because they look stylish, they’re super organized, and you can customize them for YOUR family!

From Lemon Lime Adventures

The basic elements of a home command center usually include:

  • A monthly or weekly calendar
  • An area for in/out mail
  • Kids chore charts
  • Meal plan
  • Keys, phone, and coat storage

Optional elements can include:

  • Kids art spot
  • Homework storage
  • Charging Station
  • Side Table
  • Clock
  • Receipt Bin
  • Notes
Free printables from Girl Loves Glam!

Seriously guys, these are so customizable it’s crazy! The best part- even the BUDGET for these is customizable! You can DIY everything, some things, or buy everything! It’s totally up to you. If you want to buy some of the parts, Etsy sellers have some cute Command Center elements! Plus you can buy mail sorters, calendars, charging stations, and key drops at places like Walmart and Amazon. But these are totally DIY-able too! Here is how I made MY home command center! *This is a bit of a rough, small command center because of the move! I’ll update the post when we get the move finished!

My Command Center elements:

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • To-do/Grocery List

Weekly Meal Planner:

I took a super easy route for my weekly meal planner! It was so quick and easy to make and I love how it turned out! I used THIS chalkboard from Michaels, then all I needed was paint, stickers, and chalkboard markers! I got all those from Michaels too! PS- If you want to make things a bit easier you can use already made Chalkboard STICKERS!!

  1. I painted my board the desired color. They come with wood around the edge, but I wanted mine to match my command center! So I painted the outside white. Do as many coats as you feel you need!
  2. Once your frame is dry, stick your stickers to the chalk board. You can measure it out, or you can do like I did and just stick them on! Make sure they’re stuck down good, because they may get a little wet when you wipe off the board each week.
  3. Hang up, and start your menu! Easy as that! Make sure to read the instructions on your chalk markers!

The dry-erase board and calendar I got from Walmart for $5 each! If you love The Container Store as much as I do, check this out for some awesome command center elements!

Boom! You’re done! I’ll update this post as I update my command center! I’d love to see your family command centers! Email pics to us at Jessica@TrendyAndOrganized.com , tag us on Facebook, share with us on Instagram using @TrendyOrganized or #TrendyAndOrganized! Happy new year everyone! Be sure to check out the rest of the New Year, New T&O blog HERE! 


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