Badass Babe

I LOVE this chick! She is hilarious, and her Instagram is awesome! Plus she makes some completely bada** jewelry, hence the name! We were fortunate to get in touch with her via email, and get a behind the scenes chat with her!

1. Badass Babe Shop Basics
  • My actual shop is on our property – my husband built it for me and my friends and I have (mostly) finished it out on the inside. (Pics top right & bottom left)
  • I am in about 75 stores nationwide (most in MT) and in a couple of online shops as well as my own website.  There’s a page on the website that tells you where to find me locally (Find that right HERE, I bet she is in a town near you!)
  • IG – @badassbabeusa, Facebook – Badass Babe @badassbabeusa
2. What is your personal favorite product from anywhere?
  • All-time personal favorite?  Quite possibly Jalapeno Cheetos.  They’re like orange crack.
  • My favorite BadassBabe?  The Chunker Sterling Silver Ring

3. We gotta know, do you shoot all the rounds for your jewelry yourself?
  • I used to, and I used to cut them all myself too with a cut-off grinder in the garage!  Now I contract with a guy out of Idaho with ties to Snake River Shooting Products (they sell ammo, etc.) who has a machine shop and fairly unlimited access to brass.  He sends them to me all pretty and ready to go.  I am spoiled 🙂
4. Craziest thing you’ve ever made?
  • Crazy cool!  My 3 favorite custom orders were all memorials.  For one, I sandblasted initials into 223 brass cases, loaded ashes (yes, real person cremated ashes) into the empty case, drilled a bullet and “reloaded” the case.  A customer requested memorial necklaces with the ashes of an uncle that had served in Vietnam.  It was a heavy project and I was honored to do it.  (Picture middle right)
5. Favorite gun and gun accessory?
  • Favorite gun to look at – my custom Glock42 380 cerakoted by Stealth Hydrographics
  • Favorite gun to shoot – CZ Scorpion 9mm carbine
  • Favorite gun accessory – the HABU charging handle for my AR15; that thing is revolutionary

What we bought: The Mini Copper Montana Necklace with the diamond(clear) crystal, because you know our obsession with copper!! PS- Her packaging is so awesome!! Almost as excited about getting gold in the mail as I was in the necklace!

Thanks Jenn from Badass Babe!


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