Girl Ran Away with the Spoon

Being totally honest- this one is a bit biased! I adore this shop! Mom and I went to a string art class at the coffee shop last summer and I have been literally obsessed ever since! Also when I ask my friends and Facebook followers their favorite Montana store this one is ALWAYS commented! Behind Eugene’s Pizza of course, because you can’t really compete with pizza (but this comes close). But seriously, check this lady out and you’ll be obsessed too. And if you get a chance to go to Miles City make sure to hit up both her stores! It’s basically paradise.

1. Shop Basics

Girl Ran Away With the Spoon
112 North 7th Street Miles City, MT 59301
2. What is your personal favorite product & why?
It is hard to pick just one product but my go to piece of jewelry is our leather cuffs. They are comfortable, durable, and match any outfit.
3. What inspires you?
I am inspired by objects, especially ones that have been deemed worthless or irrelevant. I love old silverware. There are so many beautiful patterns. I love that you can feel the history in these objects-a pride and manufacturing that was from a different time- a slower time. It is the same with rusty metal. I love the shapes and textures of the scrap pile that have infinite potential to become something new.
4. Craziest thing you’ve ever made?
I am currently working on a bucking horse commission that is 12 feet tall comprised of all welded salvaged metal. It is crazy for sure!
5. When was your store established?
I first stared making the jewelry in 2007.  There are a lot of facets to Girl Ran Away With the Spoon. We have our brick and mortar retail store in Miles City, a bakery and coffee shop called Spoon Full across the street, we wholesale, have an online Etsy store, travel and do art and craft markets, we do custom orders, and then the salvaged welded metal art!
What we bought: Mom bought me a stone spoon handle bracelet in Amethyst! I love the magnetic clasp and it’s one of my favorite bracelets!


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