Tumblewood Teas

We LOVE tea. I’m sure you know that. We drink it, we’ve sold it, been to tea conferences, and are first level tea sommeliers. Of course we had to try some of the tea at the Made in Montana show! And let me tell you, we were NOT disappointed!

1. Shop Basics

We are located at 14 Anderson Street, Big Timber, Montana.
Our website is: www.tumblewoodteas.com
Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/TumblewoodTeas/
Our Instagram user name is: @TumblewoodTeas

2. What is your personal favorite product and why? 

As true tea lovers, part of our makeup is to always be cupping ( another word for tasting) new and different offerings. On any given day, depending on our moods, the weather, the season or occasion the tea we choose to enjoy will be different. The one thing I will admit to is my complete appreciation of single origin teas. These being tea leaves with nothing else added to the cup. Laurie’s favorite type of tea is Oolong and mine is Pu’erh.

3. How do you drink YOUR tea? (I prefer a bit of sugar myself, we all know I have a major sweet tooth!)

Neither one of us adds anything to our cup. Just the tea and the correct temperature of water for that type. But we always tell our friends and customers “ it is YOUR cup of tea and you should do with it what makes you happy!”

4. What inspires you for your tea blends?

We are always thinking of and creating new blends. Our inspiration comes from many different influences. Some are suggestions or requests from our customers, our team or our own imaginations and experimentation. We just love to play with different ingredients and base teas.

5. What is your MUST HAVE tea accessory? 

As for accessories, that too depends on where and when we are enjoying our infusion of choice. It is always fun to steep a whole pot for friends or serve everyone in their own individual infuser mug. If we are on the go, then our Travelin’ Tumbler is the absolutely best little vessel (Side Note- LOOK AT THESE LITTLE COZIES!). But the most important message we share with everyone is that everyone should be able to enjoy a seriously good cup of tea no matter where they are or the “equipment” they have on hand. So even if you are sitting around a campfire with nothing more than an enamel cup and your fave tea, just make some “cowboy” tea!

What we bought: The Muddy Creek Tea! Soooo good! We tried it at the show and we are hooked!


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