The Legacy Cooking Project– The Introduction

Welcome to the Legacy Cooking Project! We have been writing a family cookbook for 2(+) years now, and it’s pretty slow going. But, like any good cookbook, we decided we needed photos of the recipes to go along with the cookbook! So, it was decided that I would cook my way through the family cookbook. Just like Julie & Julia, mom thought it might be fun for me to blog a bit about it! Share photos, some recipes, and a bit of family history.

I have always been in love with family recipes. To me it’s like history you can eat! I mean, what could be better? My family has a long standing tradition of keeping recipes, it seems like each part of family has a box full of them! Your family may collect coins, dishes, or something else, my family collects our history!

As some of you know, my grandma passed away this last November. It was then that I became even more obsessive with the family recipes. She used to cook so many things for me, and her food is my way of preserving her. It was the inspiration for our Recipe Towels that we love and cherish so much. Since then, I have been making more and more of HER food. But, why not be inspired by my WHOLE family? So, the Legacy Cooking Project is born!

The Scanlan Clan

Now, if you’re not a family member this might seem a little boring for you. However, I assure you the Scanlan’s are far far far from boring. During this project we will not only share some AMAZING recipes (what can I say? We are excellent cooks), but we will tell tales of romance, adventure, hard times, and courage. Our family is giant, and each person has a story to tell (or 10, knowing my family).

We will be *trying* to do a different recipe each week, but we all know how my blogging can be random and sporadic. So just check back each week to see something new! We would LOVE to hear your family tales and recipes too! There is a reason this isn’t called the “Scanlan” cooking project! We want to encourage people to share their stories and recipes! Even if you don’t want to share, take a minute and make a recipe of your grandmas, or great grandmas! Like I said, it’s family history you can eat!

Now hold on to¬† your seats, the first recipe will be coming out this week! Here’s a hint- we are going wayyy back to the beginning!


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