Hometana is so awesome! They have a super fun social media presence, and their clothes are so cool! The simple design is so timeless, and it’s branding without being over the top! I’m in love with all of it!

About Hometana: Hometana® is a collection of Montana apparel made with pure devotion to the last best place. We focus on high quality t-shirts and hats designed to fit perfectly and last long. Hometana® is fast becoming a state icon born from a Freudian slip we can all relate to. Our brand connects Montana natives and transplants alike with the goal of proclaiming our infatuation with all things Montana.

1. Shop Basics

We currently do not have a store front but have a robust online shop at www.hometana.com. In addition, you can find us all summer at the Great Falls Farmers Market.
Instagram @hometana
Facebook @hometanamt
2. What is your personal favorite product & why?
My personal favorite item is our Outlier Distressed hat. It fits me perfectly and represents my personal style. It’s a well worn hat that prioritizes comfort over style. 😛
3. Where is your favorite place to visit in Montana?
My favorite place to visit in Montana is my in-laws farm outside of Valier, Montana. The Rocky Mountain front draws me in. The air talks to me. Being able to see over 50 miles in every direction gives me a sense of peace and calm. I feel Montana has ways of initiating us. If you’re willing to overcome Montana’s version of Mother Nature – you will be fully rewarded.
4. What inspires you?
I’m mostly inspired by my husband. He thinks ‘outside the box’ on everything! Creativity does not come easy to me, but him; he spews ideas that challenge how I think, see and hear the world around me. More importantly, I find inspiration in relationships and conversations, life stories and Montana history.
5. Where else can your products be found?
Stores carrying Hometana products include:
The Ol’ Mercatile – Grass Range
Spruce Up Boutique – Twin Bridges
Wildflower Boutique – Helena
The Greenlight – Missoula


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