Montana Covid Travel Guide

Are you stuck at home, dreaming of all the amazing places in the world that you can’t visit right now because of the Corona outbreak? Maybe you’re over that but the budget is just a bit tight. No fear, we don’t even need to leave Montana to see some amazing sights! Plus they will be way less crowded than other places around the world!

Remember that some places are in various phases of opening so please observe CDC guidelines such as social distancing, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer. Be sure to look up these places to see the most recent rules and hours for visiting.

Grand Canyon, Arizona- Bighorn Canyon

  • The Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area isn’t near as well known as the infamous Grand Canyon. However, it is still pretty spectacular! If you don’t have the time to visit the Grand Canyon, or don’t want to risk travel, Bighorn Canyon is your ticket to the Montana “Grand Canyon” experience! Do some boating, camping, and hiking!

Svartifoss Waterfall, IcelandPalisade Falls

  • A stunning waterfall, dramatic basalt columns, and a fun hike! Svartifoss is one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls, but what you may not have known is that Montana has our own similar waterfall! Find these falls on the AllTrails App.

Christ the Redeemer, Brazil- Our Lady of the Rockies

Golden Gate Bridge, CaliforniaKootenai Falls Suspension Bridge

  • There isn’t many similarities between Golden Gate and Kootenai Falls, except that both make great photo ops and are really cool! Check out this amazing drone video if you don’t want to make the drive up there (or maybe it will MAKE you want to drive up there!)

Eiffel Tower, France– Butte Headfreames

Machu Picchu- Montana Ghost Towns

  • When I think Machu Picchu, I think a great civilization and ghostly ruins. Lucky for us, Montana is home to some amazing ghost towns! Visit the city of Elkhorn, talk with ghosts in Bannack, and pan for gold in Virginia City!

Uluru, AustraliaPompeys Pillar

  • Uluru is just a big rock, so I’m going to say Pompeys Pillar has one up on that! Stop and check out Clark’s signature too!

Tower of London, England-Old Montana Prison

  • One of my favorite tours ever was the Tour of London, and I love the Old Montana Prison too! If you feel like you’re missing out on some cool old prisons, just stop into Deer Lodge!

Blue Lagoon, IcelandMontana Hot Springs

  • The Blue Lagoon looks like the ultimate relaxing spot! It’s one of the first things that pops up when you google “Iceland”. Lucky for us, Montana is home to tons of hot springs and resorts! Hot springs range from primitive like the Renova Hot Springs, to classy resorts such as Fairmont, Chico, and Sleeping Buffalo! Be sure to check out the Boiling River outside of Yellowstone too!

Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkYellowtone National Park

Versailles, France- Daly Mansion Museum

  • The Daly Mansion is only “slightly” smaller than the Palace of Versailles, but just as elegant! This museum is so cool and a fun place to visit!

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico- Lewis and Clark Caverns

  • It may not be a National Park, but Lewis and Clark Caverns are still an experience all their own! These Montana caverns feature a guided tour, a hike, and my personal favorite, an underground slide!

Terracotta Warriors, ChinaGarden of One Thousand Buddhas

  • The Terracotta Warriors are amazing, but Montana has our own small version of an “army” of statues! This public park and garden is a must see, and is supposed to inspire wisdom and enlightenment.

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia- Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

  • Two very different cemeteries, but both dedicated to the loss of many lives. Both are places of reflection and stories, and both are a must visit eventually!

Hoover Dam, NevadaYellowtail Dam

  • Montana is home to many great dams, with of course the Fort Peck Dam being my favorite (be sure to check that one out if you want a tour of the hydro-electric facilities). Most of the dams in Montana have great recreation including lake activities, hiking, and wildlife watching!

Niagara Falls, Canada/New York– Selis Ksanka Qlispe Dam

  • This dam stands at 204 ft high, which is 54 ft higher than Niagara falls! You can take a 1,000ft boardwalk down to right above the falls, where you can enjoy views of the canyon. (This dam used to be known as the Kerr Dam, in case you are having trouble finding it).

Lake Louise, Canada Lake McDonald

  • It’s hard to choose which is honestly better, Glacier NP or Banff NP. Either way, you’re lucky that the Crown of the Continent is situated right here in Montana! Either way you better be prepared for crowds!

Tunnels of Moose Jaw, CanadaHavre Beneath the Streets

  • Some cities are hiding a mysterious past, such as Moose Jaw. But you may not know we have our own “city under the city” here in Montana! Quiet tunnels lie beneath the streets of Havre, waiting for you to discover their secrets…

Broadway Show, New York- Fort Peck Summer Theater

  • When you think about taking in a live show, you automatically think the great New York City! You picture yourself strolling down Broadway with your coveted tickets to Hamilton. But, we have great live shows right here in Montana, without the costly plane tickets and crowds! Unfortunately there will be no shows due to the Coronavirus in 2020, but be sure to stop by in 2021!

There are so many places all their own in Montana, so take some time to be a tourist in your own town this year! Remember to shop local too. If you want to see some Unique Montana sights, check out my Uniquely Montana Roadtrip guide, and you can also check out my other Road Trip guides on Roadtrippers!

Most of the photos pictured are not my own