Home Command Center – January ’18 DIY

It’s the new year, which means it’s time to get your home organized! The greatest ~Pinspiration~ I’ve found are home command centers! I love these because they look stylish, they’re super organized, and you can customize them for YOUR family!

From Lemon Lime Adventures

The basic elements of a home command center usually include:

  • A monthly or weekly calendar
  • An area for in/out mail
  • Kids chore charts
  • Meal plan
  • Keys, phone, and coat storage

Optional elements can include:

  • Kids art spot
  • Homework storage
  • Charging Station
  • Side Table
  • Clock
  • Receipt Bin
  • Notes
Free printables from Girl Loves Glam!

Seriously guys, these are so customizable it’s crazy! The best part- even the BUDGET for these is customizable! You can DIY everything, some things, or buy everything! It’s totally up to you. If you want to buy some of the parts, Etsy sellers have some cute Command Center elements! Plus you can buy mail sorters, calendars, charging stations, and key drops at places like Walmart and Amazon. But these are totally DIY-able too! Here is how I made MY home command center! *This is a bit of a rough, small command center because of the move! I’ll update the post when we get the move finished!

My Command Center elements:

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • To-do/Grocery List

Weekly Meal Planner:

I took a super easy route for my weekly meal planner! It was so quick and easy to make and I love how it turned out! I used THIS chalkboard from Michaels, then all I needed was paint, stickers, and chalkboard markers! I got all those from Michaels too! PS- If you want to make things a bit easier you can use already made Chalkboard STICKERS!!

  1. I painted my board the desired color. They come with wood around the edge, but I wanted mine to match my command center! So I painted the outside white. Do as many coats as you feel you need!
  2. Once your frame is dry, stick your stickers to the chalk board. You can measure it out, or you can do like I did and just stick them on! Make sure they’re stuck down good, because they may get a little wet when you wipe off the board each week.
  3. Hang up, and start your menu! Easy as that! Make sure to read the instructions on your chalk markers!

The dry-erase board and calendar I got from Walmart for $5 each! If you love The Container Store as much as I do, check this out for some awesome command center elements!

Boom! You’re done! I’ll update this post as I update my command center! I’d love to see your family command centers! Email pics to us at Jessica@TrendyAndOrganized.com , tag us on Facebook, share with us on Instagram using @TrendyOrganized or #TrendyAndOrganized! Happy new year everyone! Be sure to check out the rest of the New Year, New T&O blog HERE! 

New Year, New You?

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged to you guys since last year! (Yes, you can groan at the over-played joke). Happy 2017! Today I have for you the Top 5 ways to keep those new years resolutions.

Ok, you made it past the first paragraph and the first meme, so obviously you’re interested in those goals of yours. Good, I am too! Since the whole “New Year, New You” thing is going around (again), let’s discuss new years resolutions! I don’t really buy into the resolutions idea, but I do have a list of goals I’d like to accomplish this year. The new year doesn’t have to be a new you. For the record, I love the 2016 you! You can have goals, without completely going into the “New You” phase.

So you’re reading this because it’s the new year and you want to start your resolutions. Or you’re my mom and you feel obligated to read these posts (Hi Mom!). Whether your resolutions are to lose weight, get that dream job, or to just help out in your community more, here are some ways to stick to those goals of yours!

  1. Keep those resolutions simple and realistic. Please please please, do NOT make your goal “I want to walk on the moon!” I’m not saying don’t reach for the stars, but that takes more than a new years resolution to accomplish. Instead, make your goal “Save money to go to space camp”.
  2. Don’t make a huge list! It’s only 365 days. I know people who’s resolutions take up four pages and their arm, and they’re lucky to keep up with one of their goals. Instead, if your goals are all pretty much wanting to keep up with the times, just say “My resolution is to visit T&O once a week and see what’s new!”. (My goal is to post those for you once a week 😉 ) Having just 1 or 2 resolutions will help keep you on track with your goals.
  3. Take small bites out of your goals. For example, your goal is to “Organize Your House”. Take some bites out of that goal and say “In January I’d like to organize the kitchen, February organize the closet, March organize my tea stash (and buy more). Reaching these small goals will be rewarding, but you can also reward yourself when you reach these! For example, buy more 31 bags to organize the rest of your home!
  4. Write it out and display it. You’re more likely to keep those resolutions if you think about them, write them out, and display them somewhere you’ll see them nagging you every day. Want to lose 10 pounds this year? Post a picture on January 1st next to your mirror, and a motivational poster. Take a picture on the first of every month and see your results! Want to tell your significant other to put the toilet seat down every day? Make a reminder for them! I just love this one!

  1. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t reach those goals. It happens! If your goal is to learn how to cook, but you keep lighting water on fire, maybe it’s not for you! Instead, either say “I did my best” or revise your goal. For example, instead of cooking maybe you could revise your goal to “Learn about food photography” which does a few things: you get to eat food, and really amp up your Instagram account!

My goals include: Sharing new recipes with you all, working more with Copper City Tea, and shaping up! What are your New Year Goals? Let me know in the comments below! 

School Year Organization

Hey everyone! It’s September, which for most means BACK TO SCHOOL! Parents, calm down, we know you’re excited. However with B2S comes problems with clutter and messiness. I’m here to help you get everything from your car, to your locker, to your backpack organized! Let’s get started!


  • Get a locker shelf to utilize ALL that room in your little locker!

Locker Shelf

  • Magnets are your FRIENDS!
  • DIY a cute locker organizer! Instructions HERE!

Locker Organizer

College Dorm/Apartment:

  • Get a desk for doing homework on, and keep it clean and organized. Designate this desk for ONLY doing homework, and avoid distractions in that area.

Homework Station

  • Get a dry erase calendar. They’re cheap at Walmart. Put any important tests, assignments, field trips, and parties on there. Assign each roommate their own color so you can make sure your plans never get in the way of each others!
  • Schedule your day! Establish a routine. Schedule chores, homework time, and gym time!
  • Create homey comfort in your dorm with a mini kitchen! A mini fridge, small microwave, and a coffee station make a temporary place feel like home!

Coffee Station

  • Lift your bed and store out of season clothes, spare notebooks, old books, etc. under your bed!


  • Sharing a bathroom with a roommate or in the dorms? Organize all your shower stuff in a great shower caddy, like this one from Thirty One!


  • Learn to organize your fridge from the start! This makes finding food, making food, and grocery shopping MUCH easier.

Fridge Organization


  • Get a planner! And color code it! Seriously- a calendar, a paper planner, or even an app! Keep your homework and social life straight!
  • Create a survival kit! Pikles and Bundles are on SALE (Promo Code: Back2School), so be sure to get one! Keep an office pack, pencils, ponytails, etc all in one place in your backpack!


  • Get a pencil pouch so you don’t end up with pencils all over, but still end up using one at the end of the year because you managed to lose them all.

Pencil Pouch


  • Color code your notebooks and folders. Get 1 notebook for every class, and a matching folder. Color code them, so you immediately know which folder your homework goes in! Keep old homework assignments for reference!
  • Highlighters are the bomb! Get a variety of colors and be consistent on what each color is for. Yellow is important formulas, green for vocabulary, etc!

Highlight Notes

  • Screen Shot your schedule. That way when your walking around school/campus, you can just check your gallery to see your schedule. This is great so you don’t look like a new kid walking around with a paper schedule, you’re simply “checking your phone”.


  • Keep loose change and spare cash in a gum container in your cup holder!
  • Create a car emergency kit! Like I said earlier, Pikles and Bundles are on SALE!!


  • Get a trash can for your car! Buy one or create one from a cereal container!

Car Trash Can

  • DIY a cute car organizer! Instructions HERE!

DIY Car Caddy

Those are my quick tips for organization this school year! Now, lets get out and CRUSH THIS YEAR!!

What are some of your favorite organizational tips or products for school? Let me know in the comments below!

How To: Best Pack a Suitcase!

Ok all, it’s travel season! There are a ton of posts on Facebook and Pinterest about “THE BEST WAYS TO PACK A SUITCASE!”, and there are SO many different ways to pack them! This post explores the different ways, and will truly reveal the best way to pack your suitcase and still have it organized! Check out the video below, or continue reading! Or, better yet, do both!!

I packed 2 weeks of clothes in 1 carry on bag. This consisted of 5 pairs of pants, 5 tops, 2 under shirts, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 dress, 2 belts, 2 scarves, 16 pairs of underwear (one for each day travelling and 2 extra), 17 pairs of socks, 6 bras, my jewelry and toiletry bag, hair straightener/curler, and my Pikle. My undergarments aren’t pictured or in video, but they’re in there!

Lots to pack! Remember, clothes can be re-worn or washed to save space in your suitcase!

1st up- How I usually pack my suitcase! I usually roll up my clothes and put them in gallon size Ziplock bags, then squeeze the air out to pack! You can also use Packing Cubes or special bags made just for packing. This is my go to method, because it saves space AND protects your clothing!

Rolled up into bags!

The 2nd method I found on Pinterest, and I call it the “Fold Flat Method”. I can see how this method would be useful for travelling for business, because it seems like it wouldn’t wrinkle your clothes as bad. However, I had to sit on my suitcase to get it to all fit in there!

The 3rd method is straight up rolling in a specified sequence (also found this one on Pinterest). Put your footwear and other heavy stuff in the bottom of your suitcase, towards the wheelbase. Next, roll up your shirts and other tops for your foundation. Then, tightly roll up pants, dresses, and skirts. On top of that, roll up thick jackets and sweaters. On top of that, lay your crushable items such as bras or a voluminous dress. Stash your toiletry items and jewelry in the compartments, and any swimwear, scarves, belts, and underwear anywhere else you can squeeze them!

Burrito Style!

Overall, which method did I think was the best? Overall I liked all the methods about the same, they all had their pro’s and con’s, and all took up about the same amount of space. So, it comes down to your personal preference!

Pointers for packing:

  • Roll up your underwear! Just shoving them in the suitcase does nothing for you space-wise. Also remember to stack your bras ladies, you don’t want any deformation! I’m going to buy myself one of THESE, how cute and handy!
  • Get a jewelry organizer, or press your jewelry in press-n-seal wrap to prevent tangling.
  • Wear your bulkiest items, but make sure they’re nice to travel in! Comfortable bulky shoes (I usually wear my most comfortable heels so they’re easy to take off during security), a jacket, and even a scarf!
  • Keep your toiletries TSA approved! Remember we are packing in a carry on suitcase, so all of your items have to follow the TSA Guidelines!
  • I like to pack my carry on size of suitcase, because then I can volunteer for FREE gate check! Gate check is awesome, most the time they check it all the way to your destination, it’s FREE, and you don’t have to carry it all around the airport with you!

So that’s this weeks post! Tune in next week to see how to best pack your Carry On for your trip! How do YOU usually pack your suitcase? Any pointers? What is your MUST HAVE item when you travel? I’d love to see your comments below!