Behind the Scenes

You know about me, but do you know about our “Behind the Scenes” folks? Let me introduce them to you!


Position: Creative Director

What she does for T&O: Web admin, hosts the T&O website, troubleshooting, designs decals, words of encouragement

Favorite item in the shop: Travel Tea Kit

Favorite post type: Adventure/Travel

Favorite organizational tip: “Keep up on the cleaning. When you use something, put it away”

Hobbies: Scouts, stamping, & tea

Life Motto: “Don’t look back, you aren’t going that way”


Position: Web Admin & (sometimes) Laborer

What he does for T&O: Secondary web development, trouble shoot, weed decals, mail orders

Favorite item in the shop: Custom decals, it’s cool to design your own

Favorite post type: Food/Drink Recipes

Favorite organizational tip: “Teach your dog/kids to put away their own toys”

Hobbies: Gaming, cuddling with Jean & Hazel

Life Motto: “Try forcing an unexpected reboot”


Position: Head Dog

What she does for T&O: Entertainment, appears in cameos in videos, decal inspiration

Favorite item in the shop: The paw print decal, customized with her name on it!

Favorite post type: Dog treat recipes!

Favorite organizational tip: “If you nap all day, nothing gets dirty!”

Hobbies: Walks and naps

Life Motto: “What doesn’t kill you really freaks out your parents”


Position: Security

What she does for T&O: Entertainment, keeps Jean occupied, decal inspiration

Favorite item in the shop: Pikles! We always have one on our walks!

Favorite post type: DIY dog stuff!

Favorite organizational tip: “If you eat all the treats, you don’t have to worry about organizing them!”

Hobbies: Walking, Eating, Barking

Life Motto: “If I can’t roll in it, it ain’t worth havin”

Who Am I?

Hey all! Welcome to my blog, Trendy and Organized! You’re here because you want to be Trendy, or Organized, or even both! Welcome to my world!

Why Trendy? I focus on hot new small business and do reviews so you know what they are, who they are, and why they’re doing it! Small businesses are close to my heart, as I grew up with both of my parents running their own companies! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve done everything from working at small time restaurants to running my own direct sales business! I’d like to introduce you to those, and everything in between!

26-123952 <— Outfit on point and Trendy here

Organized? If you could see my house, you would understand this one! Let’s take an organizational journey together! Let’s stop worrying about our house being too messy, losing our staplers in our backpack, or not being able to fit people in our cars! This is our organizational journey!


But- who am I? My name is Jess, and I am a full time college student (Geological Engineering), part time blogger (You’re on here!), and full time dog mom (You’ll see PLENTY of the dogs, trust me!). I am always on the hunt for trending small businesses, and get organized fast tips and tricks! I post them all on here, just for YOU! <3

Check me out on:

Step in to my blog, take a look around, relax, and enjoy yourselves!


Xoxo, Jess


PS- got a small business you want me to review? A MUST HAVE organizational tip? Let me know! Email me at !

Hello world!

Welcome to my Trendy & Organized blog! Keep an eye out for blog posts about how my products can help you! Shopping is easy too! Just click the “Shop” tab, and explore! Let me know if you have any questions! Be sure to like my Facebook page, follow me on instagram, and watch me on youtube! Leave your comments below letting me know if you like the blog, and what you want to see! This is the page to get YOUR blog ideas out there!