Where to Stay: A Quaint Hotel

Philipsburg is a small town just off of the Pintler Scenic Highway. The highway itself is up for a blog post of its own some day, it’s one of my all time favorite drives! Pburg is a pretty, historical mining town, full of old buildings and great stories. Of course it’s mining so I love it, but others do too! It is a for sure Montana Must See! There is tons of fun stuff to do, such as a brewery, a museum, and LOTS of sapphire panning!

We were in Philipsburg to attend the Miners Union Day competitions (which take place every September). I knew that Coby had never been to Philipsburg before, and I was not going to miss out on an opportunity to show him the sights! We booked a room at the Broadway Hotel, and I’m so glad we did! I’m also very happy we booked early, as the whole town was pretty much sold out of rooms!

Quick Amenities List:

  • Wifi
  • Free parking
  • Entrance and parking out back (so you don’t have to worry if the main street is super busy)
  • Host has wonderful “British Elegance” (As Coby describes her!)
  • Breakfast spread
  • Pet friendly (**Check to make sure if the room you are booking is pet friendly!)
  • EXTRA amenities in some rooms (such as a sauna, whirlpool tub, etc)
  • Private bathrooms
  • Guest lounge
  • Coffee and tea in the kitchen
  • Walking distance to Philipsburg attractions (next door to the brewery!)
  • Books, movies, and board games in guest lounge
  • Air conditioning in some rooms
  • Facebook
  • Reviews

Full Review:

Since we only booked a few days in advance, we had the Las Palomas room (it was the only one left unoccupied). However, you can not go wrong with any of the rooms at this hotel! Each room has a theme, ranging from the Hard Rock Room (a dedication to Pburgs mining past) to the Andes Suite (a tribute to where the host lived and worked in the 1990s). Some rooms have extra special amenities, such as a sauna or a large whirlpool tub! Our room was the honeymoon room (don’t make it weird and tell Coby, like I said it was all they had left!), and it was QUITE a room! It had a large, super comfortable king size bed, dual shower heads in the bathroom, and a bathtub so large I swear I could swim laps in it! It also came with a bidet, which Coby and I had to ask my mother what the heck it was. We decided to not partake in that part of the room!


Besides the amazing rooms, there are also great common areas so you can chat with other guests! The guest lounge is great for sitting down with a book or eating breakfast, and there is a cute little outdoor space near the parking area! The lounge walls are covered in books, so if you forgot yours there is sure to be something there to interest you! There are also game boards and movies! Just off the lounge is the kitchen, where the host prepares breakfast in the mornings from 8 – 9 am. It’s quite a breakfast! There is a wide variety and it’s very filling. Coby stuck to cereal while I enjoyed fruit, muffins, and meat! Coby even said the coffee was “pretty good!”, which says a lot if you know what a coffee snob he is!

When we were ready to head out on our adventures of the day, Sue was very helpful! She gave us recommendations, pamphlets, personal experiences, and more! We can’t wait to go back and try out a different room to see what else this amazing hotel has to offer!

Looking for other things to do in Pburg? Check out our review of sapphire panning at Montana Gem, and our fun experience at the Sweet Palace!

Have you stayed here before? What are your favorite things to do here? Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments!

Where to Stay- A Mining Time Machine

There’s no doubt, I love Butte! Unfortunately since we no longer live there, we don’t get to go back very often! Luckily for us though, there is a newer hotel on the block that I totally adore! We spent the last weekend in Butte for the Miners Market at the World Museum of Mining (Catch our blog post about the WMOM HERE). Usually I just spend the day in Butte, and drive back that evening. However, because we had to be there so early, we decided to spend Friday night there!

My mom had previously stayed at the Miners Hotel, and thought it would be the perfect place to add to The Montana Guide! So I had to check it out. Naturally, with my mining and Butte obsessions, it was love at first sight!

Miners Hotel Amenities:

  • Free Wifi (great speed too!)
  • Free Permit Parking (so you don’t have to fight with the rest of Park Street)
  • Coupons for local businesses (Why yes, I’d love $1 off a beer at the Quarry!)
  • Friendly, helpful staff
  • Cable TV
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Air conditioning
  • Situated right in the heart of Uptown Butte- walking distance to great shops, bars, restaurants, and breweries
  • Clean, well kept rooms with bright colors
  • Large walk-in showers
  • Bell hop service
  • Social seating areas
  • Access to the Farmers Market (right out the front door!)
  • Coded door access after 8 pm
  • Owners live upstairs in case of emergencies
  • Literally the softest sheets on the face of the planet
  • **COMING SOON** – A speakeasy in the basement. I’m not even kidding!

Walking into the Miners Hotel is literally like taking a step back in time. Before it was a hotel, it was the Miners Savings and Trust Co., which was built in 1913. The bank occupied the ground floor of the building until the 1960’s, while they rented out rooms on the upper floors. My favorite part of this hotel is you can ACTUALLY stay in the Vault Room and Presidents Office! The vault room comes fully equipped with a vaulted door to the bedroom, as well as tear gas. Okay, the tear gas has been removed but the equipment is still in place! The hotel was once robbed so the tear gas was put in place, you can read all about it in the newspaper article on the wall of the room! The Presidents Office has the original door in place, and will soon have it’s own entrance to the speakeasy downstairs. Sign me up! Both of these rooms have wonderful little “Butte touches” that totally make the rooms, such as pillows with Butte sayings and photos of Butte in it’s hayday.

The Vault Room is a must stay (when it’s available!)
The little Butte touches really make these rooms special!

The Presidents Office will have it’s own entrance to the speakeasy!

We were given the keys to our room (actual keys, as if this place could get any better!), and were told that our room was the Steward. This made me very excited, as my favorite Butte Miners have been working their tails off for over a year to restore the Steward’s chippy hoist and run it for tours! When we got into the room, I was so surprised by how spacious it was! Plus- the room is decked out in happy, bright colors. Add a TV, large walk in shower, and dual recliners and I was quite a happy miner! While the window in the room looks at the building next door, the owners made a wonderful little outdoor space with trees and outdoor lighting to make the room feel like it had a view. When it was time to go to bed, I climbed into one of the two comfortable beds and felt like I was climbing onto a cloud. I’m not even exaggerating, these guys have the softest sheets I’ve ever felt in my life. I almost wanted to steal them for my house! But that would involve having to un-make the bed and y’all can ask Coby- I don’t do chores! I slept the whole night through in this amazingly quiet hotel. I love that each room and seating area even has Butte history books and photos!

Mom enjoying that dual recliner!

Saturday mornings in the summer there is a farmers market on Park Street. The Miners Hotel has amazing access to it, since it’s literally right outside the front door! Weekly and year round however, Uptown Butte has a lot to offer! The Miners Hotel is in the middle of it all! Breweries, food, events, and shopping are all within walking distance. It should definitely be on the top of your list for Butte stays, but don’t wait to book! Spots do fill up since it is a boutique hotel. You can book using AirBnb, Hotels.Com, or call the hotel! Trust me- you don’t want to miss out on the friendly staff, great spot, and amazing history! It’s a place you can count on me to hang my hardhat for the night when I’m in Butte next!

Have you stayed here before? Where are your favorite places in Butte? Let us know in the comments below!

Where to Stay- A Cozy Airbnb

Most of the time, when you’re thinking of where to stay while you’re travelling, you just book a hotel and be done with it. That’s fine sometimes,  but recently if I’m planning a weekend stay, we check around for new places to stay! Boutique hotels, cabins, and… B&B’s!

I love Airbnb, it’s super easy to use and tons of fun. It’s really nice when you have large groups, since some hosts offer a whole house to stay in. My favorite houses, though, are where you just rent a room! It’s so fun to meet the hosts, the other people staying there, and learn more about the area! I stayed at an Airbnb in Hawaii, and the hostess made her own delicious tropical jellies and jams for guests to have at breakfast in the morning!

When visiting Great Falls a few weeks ago, we rented a house for myself and Coby, my brother and sister in law, and of course Hazel and Jean! It’s listed on Airbnb as a “Cozy, Relaxing house in quiet neighborhood“. Airbnb has Meghan listed as a superhost also. Let me tell you, these are major understatements! The house itself is super adorable! Once you sit down, it feels like home. It’s beyond welcoming, and of course, cozy! It is a quick drive to pretty much anywhere in Great Falls, and a really cute neighborhood. The best part is, the hosts live just across the street! They’re super sweet, caring, and talking to them even briefly feels like talking to an aunt that you haven’t seen since you were a kid but know they care about you.

Meghan and her husband bought this house in December 2017, and fixed it up to have guests by February 2018! This literally dropped my jaw, I can’t believe they have only been hosts since February and the house is this wonderful that I’m writing about it! Right now, it is their only Airbnb rental property, but personally I think they could have a whole Airbnb empire! I asked Meghan what her favorite part of being an Airbnb host, and she replied “I just love creating a space that people can come, relax, and feel at home in, the decorating, the extra little personal touches that I know will make the guests feel pampered and like they are on vacation!”. Tell ya what Meghan, you succeeded in all of that!

What makes this Airbnb Great:

  • Hosts have prompt replies through Airbnb messages
  • Easy guest access through coded lock on front door
  • Plenty of bed space for all your guests
  • Fenced yard
  • Pet friendly (with previous permission)
  • Superhosts
  • Great Falls Guidebook
  • Hosts provided breakfast items and fruit to ensure our stay was even more amazing
  • Unique little touches that included fluffy pillows, cozy blankets, and classy decor
  • Hosts even provide a cabinet full of games and books!

Check out these photos!

A cute little shelf in the kitchen provides coffee items, hot cocoa, etc!
“Relax” is exactly what I did!
Hazel enjoying the fenced yard

A guide to all of the cool things Great Falls has to offer!

A bright living room that just invites you to come sit and visit

Bunk beds perfect for kiddos (or your boyfriend, who is a kid at heart)
Towels, washcloths, and other comforts!
This is such a fun touch!
Coby enjoying a cuppa and a read-a!
The coded lock to make it easy for guests to leave and enter.
These little details!!

Where is your favorite Airbnb? Have you used it before? What are your Airbnb tips? Look for a future blog post on how to pick an Airbnb!