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White, cotton flour sack kitchen towels, decorated with love from us at T&O! This product is screen printed, so it looks as if you or your loved one wrote directly on the towel with permanent marker! Easy to care for, machine washable! These towels are 28″x28″ and come printed and tri-folded. Perfect gift for: yourself, your kids, grandkids, friends, siblings, parents, and anyone else on your list! Ordering the same recipe in bulk means discount!

To order:

  1. Select quantity of towels you’d like with the same recipe (1 towel, 2 towels (11% discount), 5 towels(22% discount), 7 towels (28% discount), 10 towels (44% discount))
  2. Check out using our secure and safe process!
  3. Email a picture or scan of your recipe to . The pictures work best if you take them in a well lit area, with limited shadows. They should also be as steady as possible, like using your phone to deposit a check! Scans also work well!
  4. After properly processing your recipe, we will screen print it onto the towels, tri-fold them, and mail them to you!
  5. To order multiple recipes, simply add multiple of this product to your cart! Make sure you select correct quantities. If you want 5 of one recipe, and only 1 of another, please specify in the email!
  6. All you have to do is sit back, and watch your families delight with these handwritten recipe towels!

Custom colors, images, and mixes of vinyl/screen printing can be ordered! Product screen printing comes in black unless otherwise specially requested. Customization may be an extra charge. Please email or Facebook message us for more information and options!

These products are handmade, may vary slightly from product to product.

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This product strikes home with me, and I’m very excited to share this with you! Recently, my grandmother passed away. Her food was always amazing, and some of my favorite memories of her are us baking and cooking! I was fortunate enough to be able to look through her recipe boxes for a family cookbook this previous July. Using the photos I took for the cookbook, I was able to trace her handwriting and put it on a towel! I did this a few more times to make a wonderful set of my favorite recipes! It’s a beautiful keepsake and memory. I hope you all have someone that feels the same way about recipes, cooking, and their loved ones!

My grandparents, their kids, and their grandkids!

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1 towel, 2 towels (same recipe), 5 towels (same recipe), 7 towels (same recipe), 10 towels (same recipe)


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