How To: Host Your First Friendsgiving!

Hey all! The time is coming near, to show all of our friends and family how thankful we are for them! Whether you can’t make it home for the holiday, or just want to show off what a good cook you are, Friendsgiving is the perfect solution! I’ve hosted a few Friendsgiving over the years, and I’ve got a great guide to hosting your first one!


Step 1: The Event!

  • Pick a date. If you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, host a small friendsgiving for your friends in the same situation! If you are wanting a larger group, I’d do the weekend before Thanksgiving! Most of our friends these days are on Facebook, so I recommend using a Facebook event to get your friends notified and RSVP. You could also do the old fashioned route and do paper invitations too!
  • People are the most important part of any Friendsgiving! You can have just the people you invited, but I always say the more the merrier! People like to invite their other friends, roommates, and significant others. Just make sure they RSVP any guests!
  • Party games! While you’re finishing cooking, guests don’t want to sit around awkwardly! Party games are fun, and they keep your guests from bothering you in the kitchen! We have a PS4, so we just set up Rockband Rivals and Jackbox. If you’ve never played the Jackbox games, you HAVE to try them! It’s the best party game ever! You can also do charades, hangman, Cards Against Humanity, etc!
  • Have some fun decorations! I love this Utensil Holder from Craftaholics Anonymous! It makes it easier for your guests to grab silverware in the buffet line!


Step 2: The Menu

Ok, you have your date, guests, and games ready to go! Next up, you gotta get the food going! Figure out what you’re good at making, and practice it a few times so you have it down! Or, you could be like me, and just wing it!

  • I always have guests bring a dish to share. That way you don’t have to cook as much, and guests are sure to have at least one thing they like!
  • Remember to make yourself a snack while you’re cooking. My go to is crackers, summer sausage, colby jack cheese, pickles, and garden vegetable cream cheese! Mmm….

Snack Time

  • I always plan my day, and start about 2 hours earlier than you think you need to! I like to print out the recipes and hang them up. I also make sure to write or highlight the baking times and temperature so I can plan when to put them in the oven and what can go in with the other recipes.


  • Get an assistant. I was lucky this time around, my best friend came to visit and helped me cook ALL DAY! I couldn’t have done deviled eggs or gravy without her!


  • Don’t stress out! It’ll all work out. If something looks like it isn’t getting done on time, either skip it or have something new when people come back for seconds!

Jess’s Go-To Menu (w/ recipe links):

  1. Turkey
  2. Ham
  3. Green Bean and Corn Casserole
  4. Stuffing (This was new this year and it was SO GOOD)
  5. Mashed Potatoes
  6. Gravy
  7. Great Grandma’s Sweet Rolls (Recipe Below- EXCLUSIVE!)
  8. Vegetables of some sort (Salad, veggie tray, roasted veggies)


Step 3: The Day Of!

Ok, you’re all good to go! Or so you think. You’ve gone grocery shopping, your friends are RSVP’d, and you’re ready to cook. Here are some final tips to make you the best host ever!

  • Plan out your serving dishes. Make sure you have enough serving plates and silverware for all your food and guests.


  • Have a spare set of clothing, you’re going to get flour everywhere, guaranteed! Cook in comfortable clothes, then change right before your guests arrive.
  • Have some unusual recipes? That’s awesome! Label your dishes so guests know what they’re eating. This is good for guests with food allergies also!


  • Make sure you learn how to cut a turkey! You do NOT want want to be standing there like a dummy trying to butcher that lovely bird. This YouTube video will help! PS- It’s best if you have a cleanup crew for all that turkey juice! 😉


  • RELAX! It’s going to be ok. I can’t stress this enough! Relax when you have your turkey in the oven, and sit down with a glass of wine. You’re the host, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too!

I hope this was helpful! Just remember- your friends will be happy just to hang out with you! If your style is ordering a pizza and wings, then do that instead of turkey and ham!

What are your go-to Friendsgiving tips, tricks, and foods?

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Great Grandma's Sweet Rolls
My great grandma had the best sweet dough! This dough can be used for rolls or cinnamon rolls!
Course Side Dishes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Passive Time 45 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Passive Time 45 minutes
  1. Scald milk
  2. Mix together sugar, salt, and milk. Cool to 90-100 degrees and add yeast.
  3. Let stand until yeast is dissolved, add shortening and eggs, mix.
  4. Add 4 cups of flour and mix until dough is smooth, then add one cup at a time until dough is light and sticky.
  5. Grease bowl and place dough in it and knead until smooth, adding a little more flour if needed.
  6. Roll dough into balls, then place in cake pan. Put in a warm place and let dough rise. Put a damp paper cloth on top of rising rolls to keep them warm.
  7. Bake at 400 degrees for 18 minutes until brown.
Recipe Notes

This is a family recipe, and the dough can be used for dinner rolls as well as cinnamon rolls!


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