Who Am I?

Hey all! Welcome to my blog, Trendy and Organized! You’re here because you want to be Trendy, or Organized, or even both! Welcome to my world!

Why Trendy? I focus on hot new small business and do reviews so you know what they are, who they are, and why they’re doing it! Small businesses are close to my heart, as I grew up with both of my parents running their own companies! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve done everything from working at small time restaurants to running my own direct sales business! I’d like to introduce you to those, and everything in between!

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Organized? If you could see my house, you would understand this one! Let’s take an organizational journey together! Let’s stop worrying about our house being too messy, losing our staplers in our backpack, or not being able to fit people in our cars! This is our organizational journey!


But- who am I? My name is Jess, and I am a full time college student (Geological Engineering), part time blogger (You’re on here!), and full time dog mom (You’ll see PLENTY of the dogs, trust me!). I am always on the hunt for trending small businesses, and get organized fast tips and tricks! I post them all on here, just for YOU! <3

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Step in to my blog, take a look around, relax, and enjoy yourselves!


Xoxo, Jess


PS- got a small business you want me to review? A MUST HAVE organizational tip? Let me know! Email me at jessica@trendyandorganized.com !