Jelt Belt

Okay everyone, this is a really cool Montana business! (All of them are, but this one is completely out of the box!). I first found out about Jelt Belt when I was looking for a new belt that is a bit more comfortable than the regular belts you can buy at Walmart or other department stores. I stumbled on these guys, and was super excited to find out they are Montana made, environmentally conscious, AND give back to their communities! Seriously, could they be more awesome? Oh yeah, did I mention they are completely affordable and come in all sorts of awesome colors? Yeah, that’s pretty great! Learn more about them in our behind the scenes look below!
1. Shop Basics
You can buy your Jelt Belts online at!
You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!
2. What is the MUST HAVE belt color of the summer?
We have a new color, khaki green which is our original design. Our JeltX was just released this week which is great for summer adventure due to the wider design and magnetic buckle! The JeltX is more male focused (perfect for our male readers that need a new belt this summer!)
3. What makes the Jelt Belt different from other belts?
The Jelt is like no other belt on the market today. The design makes it virtually invisible under shirts while still allowing for comfort and fit. The inner grippy gel grips to pants through your movements so you can get the most wear out of jeans and the elastic stretch with you which always keeps your pants in place. The elastic is made from recycled water bottles making the Jelt not only a functional product, but a sustainable one as well.
4. Can you give us a briefing on what it means to be a B-Corp, and what it’s like?
In February, Jelt joined over 2,100 Certified B Corporations from more than 130 industries in 50 countries that share a unifying goal: to redefine success in business. Performance standards of Certified B Corps are comprehensive and transparent, and measure a company’s impact on all of its stakeholders. B Corps are legally required to consider the impact not only on their shareholders, but also their workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment.

Jelt is dedicated to incorporating several programs beneficial to social and environmental issues into our business model, all of which contribute significantly to our B Corp status:

Materials: Our belts, which are elastic with a no-show plastic buckle, are made from 100% recycled water bottles on 100% recycled cardboard packaging, which lowers our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Manufacturing: Our belts are manufactured in the United States via the Montana Correctional Enterprise Program. This voluntary and progressive program allows women incarcerated at the Montana Women’s Prison to apply, interview, and be trained in manufacturing the belts. They receive legitimate wages that they can then save towards restitution, child support, or put into a savings account to save for their release. This program helps the women develop a strong work ethic, learn new job skills, and helps increase their confidence, making them more marketable employees upon their release.  It has also been proven to reduce recidivism.

Community: We donate a portion of every sale to non-profit programs that support veterans, children, and the environment. Current partners include Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, THRIVE, and 1% For the Planet.

Employees: We provide good wages and flexible schedules to our employees.

Jelt was created to give back to our communities in a multitude of ways and we’ve worked very hard to make sure that each part of our company is making a positive impact. This certification validates that we’re doing just that, and in a manner that’s best for the world. We’re incredibly honored to be a Certified B Corporation, and inspired to keep growing our impact.

5. You have a bunch of different causes that you donate to ON TOP of being environmentally conscience. Can you tell us a bit about each of those causes, and why you chose to donate to them?
Jelt is dedicated to making a difference by enhancing lives with responsible and sustainable fashion. Our company acts as a social enterprise meaning that the main goal of our business is to give back to causes that are important to us.
Our commitment to social responsibility starts with working with organizations that support veterans, youth and the environment. In fact, when you buy a belt, Jelt will donate to organizations supporting these causes. Here’s how we give:

1% of annual sales supports organizations supporting combat veterans.

CURRENT PARTNER: Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, an organization dedicated to healing America’s combat veterans with the serenity of fly-fishing, in the pristine waters of Montana.


1% of annual sales supports nonprofit organizations focused on the environment.

CURRENT PARTNER: 1% for the Planet, connecting our dollars with doers to address the most pressing environmental challenges.


$1 of every Jelt Junior belt sold goes to programs helping kids succeed in school, at home and in life.

CURRENT PARTNER: THRIVE, an organization engaged in supporting parents, empowering children, strengthening families and contributing to a thriving community.

Made of Mountains

Made of Mountains is an awesome Montana clothing company (that also does some BEAUTIFUL jewelry!). What caught my eye was their childrens clothing, that I can’t wait to buy a ton of for my little nephews! Read on to discover more about them, AND learn about their charitable donations to Glacier Park!

1. Shop basics
    We are located in beautiful Northwest Montana- near the shores of Flathead Lake and a short drive away from Glacier National Park! You can find our Retail Store and Production Facility in Bigfork, MT – 7571 MT Hwy 35
      We also sell online at

    Our social media handle on Facebook and Instagram is @madeofmtns
      You can also find us in over 50 retail locations across the country –

2. What is your personal favorite & why?

I love our accessories and in particular the Big Sky Love necklace, Pine Silhouette Earrings and Mountain Home necklace. We began as a handmade jewelry line and the brand has evolved to include apparel, home goods, hats, etc. BUT the jewelry is where it all began. I used to handsaw and create every single piece that left my studio. Now we produce thousands of pieces each year!

3. Tell us about your donations to the Glacier Park Conservancy, & why you do it!

We donate 5% of our retail sales to the Glacier Park Conservancy. GNP serves as an inspiration for our line and we love giving back to this place that is so special to our community – and to our nation. I personally moved to the area over 12 years ago to work at Glacier Park for the summer. It is what first drew me to Montana and the place that I now call home. So it truly is personal for me!

4. What is your favorite Montana adventure?

 My family and I love spending time in Glacier National Park and in particular floating the North Fork of the Flathead River. There is something about that wilderness that reinvigorates me. We camp there multiple times a year and consider it a very special place.

5. Your kids clothing is so cute! What is your daughters favorite outfit?

Oh it changes with every season! Right now my daughter, a WILD child who serves as the inspiration for the kid’s clothing line, is really in to hiking and camping and all things outdoors. We love the Hiking Buddy and Camp Host tees!