Hattie Rex

As with many shops we have interviewed, I first saw Hattie Rex at the 2018 Made in Montana Show! Since I’m learning to metal stamp myself, I was instantly in awe of the skills this shop has to create so many beautiful things! Trust me- it takes some serious skill! Check out my T&O Top 9 MiMT to see my Hattie Rex wish list!!

1. Shop Basics

Our retail store and studio are located at 18 S Willson in downtown Bozeman (across from Naked Noodle)
Online: hattierex.com
Facebook: hattierex
2. What is your personal favorite product & why?
My favorite products are our pet ID tags.  That’s what started Hattie Rex and it’s still what continues to distinguish our work from other hand-stamped metal artists.  I love that our pet ID tags are functional (life-saving even!) while being little pieces of art.  My favorite tag is a classic:  The ID bar pet tag.  We’ve been making this product for 8 years now and I love that it has 4 sides for 4 different lines of text.  The efficient shape makes it one of our most durable pet tags and making it is fun, too.  When you stamp a piece of metal that thick, you get to strike the hammer really hard, and it just feels good.
3. What is your favorite part of your business? 
I love that we get to say yes to people when they come in with an idea.  This isn’t the type of place where you have to settle for what’s on the shelf.  If you don’t like what’s available, we’ll make your ideas become a reality.  That level of personalization creates gifts that are so special and sentimental that I feel honored to be a part of the interaction between the giver and the recipient.  We get to create keepsakes.
4. Where do you find inspiration for your products?
Daily life is the greatest inspiration.  I like creating products that are functional and not just decorative.  Our wine charms, shoe tags, keychains, and other products serve a purpose of distinguishing one person’s drink, keys, or child from another, while being nice to look at, too.  A lot of our jewelry is created when I have an outfit that needs an accessory, or I need a gift to give to a friend.  Necessity really is the greatest inventor.
5. What is the craziest/coolest thing you’ve ever made?
I have two.  About 10 years ago, I made a couple of tags for a family’s dogs.  After the dogs passed away, the owner got those tags tattooed on his arm as a memorial for his pets!
The other was a sweet one, too.  We made a dog tag for a man who wanted to have his dog involved in his proposal, so the tag said: “will you marry my daddy?” If that isn’t sweet enough, when the then-wife found out she was pregnant, she ordered the same dog tag to break the news.   This time, she had us stamp:  “you’re going to be a daddy!”

Hazel’s First Birthday

Cake smash, park, cake, and friends. This sounds like a typical birthday party right? Well it was, it was just for my youngest dog, Hazel. Before you think its weird, we had SEVERAL party crashers because people loved it so much! Hazel’s actual birthday was April 11th.

The birthday girl!!
The birthday girl!!

To start off, we had to do what every other parent does on their kids first birthday. We HAD to have a cake smash! We made Peanut Butter Pupcakes! Hazel didn’t do much of a cake smash, it was more of a “how much of this can I fit in my mouth..”.

"Is that for me?"
“Is that for me?”
Mmm crumbs...
Mmm crumbs…

After that, it was prepping for the party! We made homemade bacon treats, and home made breath mints! Then we stuffed the individual bags with all sorts of goodies! The girls’s grandma was awesome and made Hazel her own stamp to decorate the bags!

DIY Doggy Breath Mints
DIY Doggy Breath Mints
Bacon dog bones!
Bacon dog bones!
Guest treat bags! Complete with the treats in “poo bags”
Hazel's Stamp
Hazel’s Stamp

Finally the day of the party arrived. Hazel and Jean got together with their friends (Including one bunny friend!), and much fun was has by all! By the end of it, all pups (old AND young) were worn out! Hazel instantly fell asleep when we got home, too tired to even eat her dinner!




What kind of pets do you have? And do you have birthday parties for them? I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions! Also- if you’d like to get your daily cuteness, check out the rest of the photos on my Flickr Album!

Dog Crate Cover- DIY

So, most of you know, we are potty training our 10 month old, Hazel.

Hazel, the big eared corgi!

She is struggling a little bit, but we have found she has trouble staying asleep, and potties as soon as it’s light out. Even in her crate. Its Awesome (sarcasm). Luckily for us, she is potty pad trained.

So, we thought we would make a crate cover, to not only make the crate look nicer in our coffee shop themed kitchen, but so she sleeps all night! We used THIS LINK for our outline!


So here’s what you need (our crate is 3 ft x 22″ x 26″ or something close to that):

  • 6 sections (or 3 sections of 2 different fabrics) of 36″ x 22″ fabric of your choice
  • 4 sections (or 2 sections of 2 different fabrics) of 22″ x 26″ fabric of your choice
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Wooden dowel

You’ll have to measure your crate to get your own dimensions, but make sure to make it an inch or two longer in case you make some mistakes! (we made a lot, bear with us!)

Start off cutting your sections, this is a tough part! Make sure they’re all straight, I recommend a nice cutting board and roll cutter for fabrics! Not scissors like we did!

Continue by ironing and pinning all your fabrics, rough sides together. We used a brown paw print for the outside and a nice dark espresso for the inside. Then, sew the long edges of the side pieces together (the big sections). Careful to go straight and put the outside pieces (paw prints) together! Once this is done, sew the bottom (Or hem, if you’re good!) of the sections!

Coby trying to make my Nana proud of his sewing skills!

Once you have the 3 large sections sewn together, its time for a bit harder part! First, sew one end of the back section together, or hem it if you’re really good! Then, putting the outside pieces (in our case, the paw prints) together, carefully sew the back section on. After doing this, go ahead and put it on your crate to make sure it is looking good!

We realized we used WAY too much fabric!

If it looks good, go ahead and continue on! If it doesn’t look good, go ahead and trim as needed! Ours was WAY too long (we added 4 extra inches to our measurements, way too much!). After some trimming and pinning, we were ready to carry on!

The front was pretty easy. We wrapped the bottom of our front section around the dowel we were using and pinned it to the appropriate size. Then we sewed it nice and straight! We hemmed around the entire front section before sewing it on to the rest of the cover. Once that was done, we  put one end of the fabric together (paw print to paw print) again, and attached our front section to the middle of the 3 long sections. Then, put it on your crate and you’re done!

Dowel in there!

Ours turned out a little (OK, a lot, sorry Nana!) crooked, but Hazel still loves it the same! It is REALLY thick, so it might be a little warm during the summer. But, its nice and dark, and Jean is jealous!

Feeling sleepy already!20160305_194348

We’d love to hear your comments! Tips on potty training puppies? Make your own crate cover? Fun stories about your dogs? Sewing tips? We’d love to hear it all!


Hazel loves her crate cover! We put on some classical music, close the cover, and she sleeps amazing! No more whining or waking us up at 5 am!