Jewelry Style- T&O Featured

I’m trying out something new! In an effort to get back into the blog side of things I went to social media and looked for JEWELRY STYLE! Let’s be real y’all, whether you have diamonds or macrame there is all sorts of different ways to style your jewelry! Here are some of our favorites that we found on Instagram and Facebook, and some that were shared with us!

Simple, stylish, and on a budget:

My Style: I started off this style challenge with a simple one! The necklace is an amethyst scepter I found and had wire wrapped, and the bracelet is from the CUTEST little shop called the Girl Ran Away With the Spoon!










Katan.mex: This simple choker set just spoke to me when I saw it on the gram! Check out her page on Facebook and Instagram!











Daniella: Love this simple set! Be sure to check out her Insta and her Shop! Simple style, great prices!











Ea Laine: You guys know me, I LOVE simple, handmade, wire wrapped jewelry! You need to check out this girls Instagram!











Peace, Love, Kumbaya: Their motto is literally “Bracelets with good vibes”, what’s not to love about that? Check out their Instagram and Shop!











Classy, sassy, and a bit of **Treat yo self**:

My Style: Whew! Grandma always says gold goes with everything, even if it’s low quality or fake! It doesn’t take a lot of money to look super classy! My Fitbit Alta is dressed up in a rose gold with THIS band from Amazon! I also have some earrings I got for Christmas and a hand-me-down bracelet! The moonstone necklace is from an antique store!











Huffords Jewelry: All I can say is WOW!! Commencing wishlist shopping! Check out their Insta for some inspo, then head over to their Shop!











Montana Yogo and Agate: Did you know that Yogo Sapphires are only found in Montana? And they are the only North American gem to be featured in the British Crown Jewels? Yeah, they are something amazingly special! Treat yourself to these gorgeous gems by checking out this ladies amazingly beautiful Instagram and Shop! The best part? She and her family dig and pan all these gems themselves!












Show your Passion:

My Style: For this personality revealing day, I showed off my love of Montana and my wanderlust! I had a lot of fun with this style, as they aren’t pieces of jewelry that I wear every day! The charm bracelet is something my mom has been collecting for me for YEARS, the MTech necklace is custom made, and the Montana Ring is from Flexible Accessories, be sure to check out their shop!










Let’s see your style! Know another category that should be listed? How about a small jewelry business? Let us know in the comments below or email us at!