The Last Best Box

I have been following the Last Best Box on Instagram for a while now, and every month I have been promising myself I was going to sign up for it! Each month they fill a box with wonderful Montana goodies, and ship it right to your door! A Montana themed subscription box… is there really anything better? Themes range from Coffee to Spa to Camping, and last month was the Huckleberry box! Seriously can’t believe I missed that one. So, without further ado, check out the Last Best Box!

1. Shop Basics

We live in Stevensville Montana, and you can find us online at
On Instagram @lastbestbox.
On twitter @lastbestbox.
Our email is
(Sign up for a subscription HERE)
2. What is your personal favorite product & why?
It’s hard to pick a favorite, there are so many exceptional Montana products and businesses. The fun part is getting to know the people who run the businesses and getting to know the story behind their business and product. People like Wendy with Mt Brand Apparel, Alicia at Cream of the West, Shauna at Farver Farms, Rawla at Pine Mountain Candies, and Dennis at The Nutty Montanan are just few of the many awesome Montana business owners that we have had the privilege to work with.
3. What is/was your all-time favorite box?
It seems like the last box we do is always my favorite. Then that one’s done and we’re on to the next. We did have a lot of fun putting together the December/Christmas Box. It included: a Stevia Sweetened White Chocolate Mix from 5 Sparrows (Kalispell), a Custom Gift Tag set with Twine Ties from KTF Design (Butte), 7-Grain Buttermilk Flapjack Mix from Cream of The West (Harlowton), a Custom Montana Ornament from MT Brand Apparel (Stevensville), and a Rustic Candle Holder from Cow Creek Enterprises (Corvallis). Christmas is always a fun time, and all the subscribers really like this box.
4. Where do you get ideas for your boxes? What’s your inspiration? 
Some of our ideas come from the time of year like spring, summer, etc, while some have been location, like the Butte Box, and others are organized around a theme, like camping, coffee, and spa. Mostly, we have a group of Montana products we want to use, and we just try to mix and match to get a good variety. We’ve made a lot of contacts with different businesses in Montana; some have contacted us and some we have contacted. The Made in Montana program and tradeshow have been invaluable resources for ideas and contacts. Also, it’s great to go to the different Farmer’s Markets around the state and search for products that you don’t see every day.
5. Tell us a little bit about your family history in Montana! 
I grew up in and around Whitehall Montana. My father’s family homesteaded in the area. The first Sacry, James, came to Montana in 1877. Our family still owns the original ranch his son homesteaded near Cardwell, and a lot of my family still live in the Whitehall area. On my mother’s side, my Grandfather worked in the mines in and around Butte and Anaconda. And my great-grandmother was a Flathead Indian. So, I have some deep roots in Montana.