April Showers…- April ’18 Blog

Wow, can you believe it’s April already? I certainly can’t! We are officially on our 4th monthly blog and loving it! We hope you all are enjoying this style of blogging also!

April is one of my favorite months of the year! Spring is coming, there is rain and thunderstorms, snow is melting (*hopefully*), my friends are gearing up for their summer weddings, and more! There is so much going on, and so this month’s blog we are going to try to explore all of it!

What’s Going on in the T&O House:

Y’all were expecting a spring cleaning tip weren’t you? Puh-lease, we have to be a bit more interesting than that! This month, instead of cleaning, we are getting a bit dirty!

Earlier in March, Coby discovered that we have a garden at the rental house. Not just any garden, but a FENCED IN garden so Miss Hazel can’t “help” this year. That means, it was time to go out and buy some seeds! We bought a lot of seeds (more than I care to let you all know), and starter mix and everything to help get those little guys growing! So we thought we would tell you about their first month of growing (and our first month as gardeners!).

Our little gardening “helper”
Such tiny seeds!!

The first thing we did was get a seed starter from Walmart. Nothing fancy, just the one that had the little “greenhouse” lid on it. This made a world of difference from when I had tried to start seeds in years past! We got little green sprouts growing really quickly! The little greenhouse lid thing doesn’t really allow for those garden sticks to stick up very well, so we labeled them all, then took a picture with a piece of tape on one side. This allowed us to remove the garden label sticks, but also be able to rotate the seed tray while still knowing which plants were which.

all labeled!
First little sprouts!!

Fast forward to a few weeks later to while I’m writing this blog. We have already transplanted the tomatoes into a bigger pot, they have outgrown the seed tray! One of the tips we got was to build a tomato cone thing, which Coby is going to be in charge of. It was also recommended we put a bit of sugar in the soil to help the tomatoes taste sweeter, but we aren’t so sure about that one. The basil has been planted in our indoor herb garden (see the DIY below!), and we are just waiting for it to be warm enough to plant the rest outside! Be sure to check out our Instagram for more photos of our garden in the upcoming weeks!

Do  you have any gardening tips? Please let us know them in the comments! We need all the help we can get!

Recipe of the Month:

This month we are super into plants, and spring, and WATER! So our recipe this month is SUPER easy. We are exploring water infusions! I love infusing my water because it helps make me feel refreshed, and actually makes me drink more water! I even have two special water bottles specifically for infusing stuff into my water. So this month I thought I’d share my favorite recipes with you!

How to infuse your water:

  1. Slice up your fruit/veggies/herbs. You want to do this enough so they release their goodness!
  2. Add your goodies into a pitcher of water (or a water bottle).
  3. Let sit in the fridge for at least an hour, or up to 2 days!
  4. Sit back, and enjoy!

You can just keep refilling your pitcher of water, but keep an eye on the herbs/fruit/veggies! You don’t want them getting moldy! What are some of your favorite water infusion recipes?

DIY Tutorial of the Month:

Keeping with the theme of course, we are exploring indoor gardens for those of you that may not be able to have an outdoor garden! We have tried to do indoor gardening over the last year, because we love working with FRESH herbs, not that “fresh” you get from Walmart either. It’s my personal belief that just a little bit of fresh herbs in your cooking can make or break your dish! So we made an indoor cup garden, check it out in the DIY section! For more indoor garden ideas, check out our Pinterest!

T-Shirt of the Month:

So I went back and forth on doing Bridesmaid shirts for the t-shirt of the month this month, but I figured maybe enough people weren’t getting married! So we are doing those as custom orders. But, while we were searching for inspiration, we stumbled across a great idea! T&O started in May 2015 (I know, crazy!). So, this month, we are going back to the beginning! We are offering our Montana Mandala decal as a t-shirt! This is one of the first decals we ever offered on T&O, and it’s still one of my favorites to this day! Each decal takes me over 45 minutes to make, but it is so gorgeous it’s worth it! Trust me- it looks just as stunning on a t-shirt!

Even more exciting, because **Summer** is coming soon, we are offering this print as a tank top! We don’t carry tank tops in stock, but we have matched up with an amazing seller to get them for us! The tank tops will be pre-ordered with the same date as the first t-shirts (April 10th), then tank tops will be ordered and printed when they come in!

For this month, we will be offering 3 prints! The first two print pre-orders will end on April 10th! T-shirts will be printed on April 11th, and tank tops will be ordered and printed when they come in (usually 4-5 days). The second t-shirt print will stop taking orders on April 29th and be printed then! Order your shirts HERE!

What’s on Sale?

April showers bring May flowers! But flowers aren’t the only ones who need to be staying hydrated as warmer weather comes our way! You need to stay hydrated too! This month we are offering “water timer” bottles for your pleasure! I’m super excited about these! These are “skinny” tumblers, so they fit perfect in cup holders and are comfortable in your hands! These are 16oz double walled acrylic tumblers. With the water timer on the back, you’re sure to stay hydrated all day long!

Shop for them HERE!


Last Remarks! 

We hope you have enjoyed our newest edition to T&O! We love you all and are so thankful to have you on our newest adventure! Like this blog? Make sure to share it with your friends! Want to be a guest blogger? Email or send us a message on Facebook outlining what you’d like to talk about! Have a product idea? We’d love to hear it! If we like it, you may be able to get commission on the idea! And of course- any comments, photos, or if you just want to say hello we’d love to see your comments below! You can also tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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