New Year, New You?

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged to you guys since last year! (Yes, you can groan at the over-played joke). Happy 2017! Today I have for you the Top 5 ways to keep those new years resolutions.

Ok, you made it past the first paragraph and the first meme, so obviously you’re interested in those goals of yours. Good, I am too! Since the whole “New Year, New You” thing is going around (again), let’s discuss new years resolutions! I don’t really buy into the resolutions idea, but I do have a list of goals I’d like to accomplish this year. The new year doesn’t have to be a new you. For the record, I love the 2016 you! You can have goals, without completely going into the “New You” phase.

So you’re reading this because it’s the new year and you want to start your resolutions. Or you’re my mom and you feel obligated to read these posts (Hi Mom!). Whether your resolutions are to lose weight, get that dream job, or to just help out in your community more, here are some ways to stick to those goals of yours!

  1. Keep those resolutions simple and realistic. Please please please, do NOT make your goal “I want to walk on the moon!” I’m not saying don’t reach for the stars, but that takes more than a new years resolution to accomplish. Instead, make your goal “Save money to go to space camp”.
  2. Don’t make a huge list! It’s only 365 days. I know people who’s resolutions take up four pages and their arm, and they’re lucky to keep up with one of their goals. Instead, if your goals are all pretty much wanting to keep up with the times, just say “My resolution is to visit T&O once a week and see what’s new!”. (My goal is to post those for you once a week 😉 ) Having just 1 or 2 resolutions will help keep you on track with your goals.
  3. Take small bites out of your goals. For example, your goal is to “Organize Your House”. Take some bites out of that goal and say “In January I’d like to organize the kitchen, February organize the closet, March organize my tea stash (and buy more). Reaching these small goals will be rewarding, but you can also reward yourself when you reach these! For example, buy more 31 bags to organize the rest of your home!
  4. Write it out and display it. You’re more likely to keep those resolutions if you think about them, write them out, and display them somewhere you’ll see them nagging you every day. Want to lose 10 pounds this year? Post a picture on January 1st next to your mirror, and a motivational poster. Take a picture on the first of every month and see your results! Want to tell your significant other to put the toilet seat down every day? Make a reminder for them! I just love this one!

  1. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t reach those goals. It happens! If your goal is to learn how to cook, but you keep lighting water on fire, maybe it’s not for you! Instead, either say “I did my best” or revise your goal. For example, instead of cooking maybe you could revise your goal to “Learn about food photography” which does a few things: you get to eat food, and really amp up your Instagram account!

My goals include: Sharing new recipes with you all, working more with Copper City Tea, and shaping up! What are your New Year Goals? Let me know in the comments below!