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Hey everyone! We are so excited about our T&O revamp! One of the first things we are trying out is our new T&O Newsletter and once a month blog! The newsletter is a short view of the full blog (which is this)! Each month we will be showcasing some fun organizational tips, a new recipe for you to try, a DIY activity, and T&O Sales!

When I first started T&O, I wanted it to be an organizational journey my readers & I could take together! So this month I’m doing the blog a little different. I’m going to give you a Home Tip & a DIY that I haven’t done yet! Instead of blogging AT you, lets do these together! I’ll give you some ideas, then we can post pics using hashtags and Facebook, and learn from each other! The winners of each category will win a $25 T&O gift card, and the second place will win the T-Shirt of the Month! And if no one participates I will go back to the regular blogging style because this was a bust! Read on….

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but spring is coming soon! It’s best to be prepared when that first warm day shows up! March is my favorite time to start prepping for spring that way im not scrambling in April when I want to be enjoying the sun! So this month we will be checking out some fun spring DIYs, recipes, and more!

Home Organization Tip:

I believe that spring cleaning begins in the kitchen! After moving twice in 7 months, my kitchen was a disaster area! Plus, during the winter we tend to stock up on canned and packaged foods which makes our pantry a mess! So this month I’m showing you all my favorite cupboard and pantry organizational products and tips!

So this is my current pantry, this month I will be working on cleaning it up and will share the after pic once it’s done! For those of you participating in this T&O Challenge, be sure you take before and after pics!!

Products I Love

The first part of pantry organization I see ALL OVER PINTEREST is taking your products out of  their packaging and putting them in cute, labeled jars! You can find a great organization set HERE on Amazon, then all you need is labels! You put all your pantry items in them and BAM!- easy pantry organization! If you want to REALLY get organized, The Container Store has a Fridge Starter Kit, Luxury Pantry Kit (currently on my wishlist), and a regular Pantry Starter Kit!

For my first step, I bought some of these clear organizing tubs and labeled them! Like my Pantry Labels? With a printer and some sticker paper, you can DIY them! Or, you can always order the pantry labels from us here at T&O! Check out our new Home Products section!

Want to do even more? Clean out the stuff you don’t really eat in the summer (goodbye Costco case of Chili, you don’t need THAT much Coby!!) and donate it to the food bank!

For some serious *Pinspiration*, check out our Pinterest Board!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share photos with us via Instagram (@TrendyOrganized or #TrendyAndOrganized) or Facebook (or messenger)! At the end of the month, we will have a vote on the best before and after pictures, and the winner will win a $25 T&O Gift Card!

Recipe of the Month:

So most of you that know me, know I’m a bit (ok, a lot) of a nerd! One of my favorite days in March is March 14th, or Pi day! Some of you may know Pi as a mathmatical constant that is the ratio of a circles circumfrence to its diameter. Others may know it as 3.14(159265). Some of you may just be drooling because I mentioned pie! One of my favorite Youtubers is Ro Pansino, who runs Nerdy Nummies! She has not one, but FOUR Pi Day recipes for you and she is a blast to watch! Check them out!

If you were hoping to see Saint Patricks Day ideas, check out our March Pinterest Board! 

DIY Tutorial of the Month:

This month is all about our spring preparations! So many of the social media pages I follow have been sharing these super cute, super fun, and super EASY spring wreath DIY’s! They are so popular and can be customized to fit your style! Check out the videos below, then create your own! Supplies can be found at your local craft stores or Walmart!

You can check out our Pinterest Board for more inspiration! Then create your own! Just like the Pantry Organization, we added a bit of a competition to this one! Share your photos with us and you could win a $25 T&O Gift Card!

T-Shirt of the Month:

Daylight savings time is on March 11th. Unfortunately this means those of us not in Arizona will lose an hour of sleep! To show our “appreciation” of daylight savings, this months Shirt of The Month is our fun hand lettered Nap Queen shirt! This shirt is screen printed for durability, and is fun enough to wear all times of the year! Bonus points if you wear the shirt WHILE taking a nap! All you have to do is click SHOP HERE and pick your shirt size!

For March, the first Nap Queen batch will be shipped on March 5th so they will be there by Daylight Savings, then the second batch will be shipped March 31st!

What’s on Sale?

Easter is coming April 1st, so this month we are releasing our super fun Easter Baskets! We have 4 colors available- Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple! These can be ordered plain, with a name on them, or “Hoppy Easter!” on them! As with any of our products, you can contact us for customization also! Hop on over to shop these now! Make sure you order by March 21st to ensure Easter delivery!

Last Remarks! 

We hope you have enjoyed our newest edition to T&O! We love you all and are so thankful to have you on our newest adventure! Like this blog? Make sure to share it with your friends! Want to be a guest blogger? Email or send us a message on Facebook outlining what you’d like to talk about! Have a product idea? We’d love to hear it! If we like it, you may be able to get commission on the idea! And of course- any comments, photos, or if you just want to say hello we’d love to see your comments below! You can also tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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