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Hey everyone! We are so excited about our T&O revamp! One of the first things we are trying out is our new T&O Newsletter and once a month blog! The newsletter is a short view of the full blog (which is this)! Each month we will be showcasing some fun organizational tips, a new recipe for you to try, a DIY activity, and T&O Sales! We are going to be doing the blog a few different ways, then we will send out a survey to see what you prefer!

So it’s January, which is a time of renewal! Resolutions, organization, and new hobbies are all on your mind this month! Well, they’re on my mind! So this month’s blog/newsletter is here to help you out with all your 2018 goals!

Home Organization Tip:

So many people’s new years resolution are to get organized and STAY organized! This can be a difficult task for sure. As a messy “Creative” person, my house is often a mess. Like, bad. I have so many thoughts going through my head at once it’s hard to keep track of them all and I often leave things out! So, I’ve brought in my favorite organized person to help us out! Coby puts up with my messes on a daily basis, and has some tips for dealing with you or your families messes! We also got some awesome tips from my Facebook friends that I had to share!!

  1. Dishes can account for some of the worst smelling and ugliest part of your house! By washing, drying, and putting the dishes away at the end of each day you can reduce the cluttered look a lot!
  2. On the computer side of things, use a password organizer like LastPass! It’s great for using and keeping your passwords safe, as well as sharing passwords with family members! Or, safely share your Netflix password with your friends 😉
  3. Cleaning the counters daily makes a huge different!
  4. Make your bed each day! Your bedroom can be a mess, but if you make your bed it automatically makes it LOOK a lot neater! – Patti S.
  5. On the bed note- check out how this motivational video starts out! – Laurel W.
  6.  “I meal plan as prep! It helps give me more time throughout the week and I’m not going out or trying to figure out what to eat” – Liz W.
  7. “Five minutes at a time. Set a timer so it’s not overwhelming and stop when your time is up. Do this every day!”- Wendy D.
  8.  “Make to-do lists!” – Laurel W.
  9.  “I try very hard [to be organized] but motherhood has taught me that it’s okay to get off track once in a while and nothing is perfect. So my advice would be if you find yourself off track, take a deep breath and get yourself back on track.” – Waynetta D.


Recipe of the Month:

Having recently moved back to Montana, January makes me think of the cold. Really cold. A lot of cold. But we are also trying to think healthy for the new year! So I decided this month for our first recipe, we totally needed a healthy meal prep! Plus I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and needed to try it out…

The full recipe can be found on this awesome blog! All I did was add more veggies and onions!

Future recipes will be found in our recipe category!

DIY Tutorial of the Month:

Home command center!! I’m so excited about this one guys, they’re so fun and customizable for you and your family! Want to make your own? Check out the full DIY tutorial in the DIY category HERE!! Want more *Inspiration*? Check out our January Newsletter Pinterest board here!


What’s on Sale?

Lovelies, January means organizing! But- it’s best to start small! Check out these awesome cord organizers, handmade with love! These are $1, making them only $5 ($6 for personalization). Attach them to your backpack, stick it in your purse, etc! Take your headphones and chargers with you wherever!

Find them HERE!

Last Remarks! 

We hope you have enjoyed our newest edition to T&O! We are so excited for our newsletter! We will have more of a newsletter/blog in February once we are finished with the Second Big Move!! Just so you know, Valentines gifts will be released on January 10th, you can find them in our Holiday/Gift section! We are also now on Pinterest, so be sure to check us out!!

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Black Friday Deals!

Hello hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your friends, and your family!! While you’re shopping for the holidays this weekend, don’t forget about our Black Friday/Small Business Saturday deals!

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School Year Organization

Hey everyone! It’s September, which for most means BACK TO SCHOOL! Parents, calm down, we know you’re excited. However with B2S comes problems with clutter and messiness. I’m here to help you get everything from your car, to your locker, to your backpack organized! Let’s get started!


  • Get a locker shelf to utilize ALL that room in your little locker!

Locker Shelf

  • Magnets are your FRIENDS!
  • DIY a cute locker organizer! Instructions HERE!

Locker Organizer

College Dorm/Apartment:

  • Get a desk for doing homework on, and keep it clean and organized. Designate this desk for ONLY doing homework, and avoid distractions in that area.

Homework Station

  • Get a dry erase calendar. They’re cheap at Walmart. Put any important tests, assignments, field trips, and parties on there. Assign each roommate their own color so you can make sure your plans never get in the way of each others!
  • Schedule your day! Establish a routine. Schedule chores, homework time, and gym time!
  • Create homey comfort in your dorm with a mini kitchen! A mini fridge, small microwave, and a coffee station make a temporary place feel like home!

Coffee Station

  • Lift your bed and store out of season clothes, spare notebooks, old books, etc. under your bed!


  • Sharing a bathroom with a roommate or in the dorms? Organize all your shower stuff in a great shower caddy, like this one from Thirty One!


  • Learn to organize your fridge from the start! This makes finding food, making food, and grocery shopping MUCH easier.

Fridge Organization


  • Get a planner! And color code it! Seriously- a calendar, a paper planner, or even an app! Keep your homework and social life straight!
  • Create a survival kit! Pikles and Bundles are on SALE (Promo Code: Back2School), so be sure to get one! Keep an office pack, pencils, ponytails, etc all in one place in your backpack!


  • Get a pencil pouch so you don’t end up with pencils all over, but still end up using one at the end of the year because you managed to lose them all.

Pencil Pouch


  • Color code your notebooks and folders. Get 1 notebook for every class, and a matching folder. Color code them, so you immediately know which folder your homework goes in! Keep old homework assignments for reference!
  • Highlighters are the bomb! Get a variety of colors and be consistent on what each color is for. Yellow is important formulas, green for vocabulary, etc!

Highlight Notes

  • Screen Shot your schedule. That way when your walking around school/campus, you can just check your gallery to see your schedule. This is great so you don’t look like a new kid walking around with a paper schedule, you’re simply “checking your phone”.


  • Keep loose change and spare cash in a gum container in your cup holder!
  • Create a car emergency kit! Like I said earlier, Pikles and Bundles are on SALE!!


  • Get a trash can for your car! Buy one or create one from a cereal container!

Car Trash Can

  • DIY a cute car organizer! Instructions HERE!

DIY Car Caddy

Those are my quick tips for organization this school year! Now, lets get out and CRUSH THIS YEAR!!

What are some of your favorite organizational tips or products for school? Let me know in the comments below!

Back To School Specials! (Aug-Sept)

Back to school time! I know we all dread it, but let’s make the best out of it and offer some GREAT specials until the end of September!

First up- Backpack Organization!

We are excited to offer 10% off our selection of Pikles! Just enter “Back2School” in the promo code section! These make great organizers for your backpacks, cars, lockers, etc!



We are also excited to announce our new tea organizers, so check them out too! They are great for all of your Labor Day travels!!